I got a second husband

(6-14-12 Changed the title of the post because the B word was collecting too much spam.  Hopefully, this will fix that problem…)

Finished the first draft of my Through the Eyes of the Undead submission.  Actually, I guess I finished it yesterday, but the word count was too low and when I write, I end up with a skeleton story.  I have to go out and add some of the flesh.  I’ve never been that great with pulling big words out of my head.  I guess that’s why most of my stories get a third grade rating from grammar check.  Wow!  I just grammar checked this and have risen to grade 5.6!

I got an email today from May December Publications, they’re the ones publishing “Pieces.”  It seems each author has been “married” to another author in the sister anthology.  We get to write an introductory paragraph for our “spouse’s” story.  After reading my “husband’s” story, I can see why we were paired.  I don’t even know who he is.  I guess this is what they call an arranged marriage.  I think the puns are endless with this, but I’ll stop before it gets out of hand.


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