Another Acceptance

I entered my story “The Button Jar” in OddCon this year at the prodding of a friend. It didn’t win, but it was one of the 20 finalists. I was searching for another home for it. One of my stories had already been accepted for “Rapid Decomposition,” so I was a little wary of sending it there. However, I was reading over some recent acceptances and realized that I’d misnamed the story in the rtf file, so I had to email the editor. When I did, I added a question about sending in a second story. He said that he was tougher on second submissions, but to go ahead and send it anyway. So I did….and here’s what he said. “Nice work. It’s stories like this that are gonna be memorable because they evoke strong emotions. So look forward to both of your stories appearing in the near future.” Yay!


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