Ok, I don’t know these people…

In some ways, a good review from a stranger or an impartial observer usually says more about the story.  People you know (who like you), sometimes have a tendency to tell you things you want to hear.  Most people like to hear they’ve done a good job, so that’s what they hear.  I don’t knock saving your friend’s feelings at all.  In fact, in some cases, it’s the only thing you can do.  But I digress.  Or do I just wander around with my head in a paper sack bumping into trees? 

Anyway, I’m blessed with a group of friends and family who have no intention of saving my feelings…wait…that didn’t sound right.  They’re straight up with me.  If they don’t understand something the way I wrote it, they tell me.  If they think another word would be better, they tell me.  If they think the Kool-Aid man should jump through a wall because the storyline is too freakin’ yawn-worthy, they tell me.  In that light, when they tell me they like something, I tend to believe them. 

I found another review of my story today.  And I don’t know who Andy in the United Kingdom is, but here is what he wrote:

“He’s Not Heavy. A brilliant title, that says a lot and implies even more. Set against a dystopic backdrop of autocratic authority gone wrong, this mystery story deserves to be in every zombie anthology, and probably in quite a few sociology books, too, for its social commentary. I read it, and re-read it, I discovered what I’d missed the first time around.”

Thank you, Andy…whoever you are.


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