And why am I here?

This is a blog.  I despise the word blog and always have.  So, even though this jumbled group of words is on a site called, I will call it my Online Journal…unless I get testy…then it will be called the Freakin’ Blog. 

And what is the purpose of this Online Journal?  It is my attempt to share my experiences in the process of becoming a published writer.  I’ve been a writer for almost as long as I can remember.  Most of my work is stashed in journals and banker’s boxes because I had never had the guts to submit any of my work to publications.  However, thanks to my friend Mike C. and his suggestion to check out,  I realized submitting my work wasn’t as difficult in practice as I thought it would be.  Mentally, it’s still feels like sending a kid off to his first day of kindergarten.  You hope your creation succeeds, and you hope it isn’t mercilessly ridiculed.  At the moment, I’ve had 6 stories accepted for publication.

As for where I’m going from here, I have no idea, but I hope to get more of my work published.  It’s too much fun getting these people out of my head not to share them with the world.


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